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Please click on the link below to book your one off clean.

If you'd like to book a regular clean, please click the Enquiry Form button at the top right of the screen. 

  • MINMIUM of 6 hours for a deep clean to be completed.

  • If you are wanting to book a deep clean of the whole property, we would estimate around 10-12 hours for a deep clean of a typical 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom property with one living room, kitchen/diner and downstairs toilet although this does depend on the condition and size of your property. 

  • We can book less time and prioritise kitchen and bathrooms and then move onto the rest of the rooms within your property to remain within your budget. We may only focus on a general clean of surfaces and flooring, depending on condition and time booked. 

  • If you book less than 6 hours, a deep clean will not be completed and we may only get a couple of rooms completed rather than the whole property depending on the condition and amount of cleaning required. 

  • Add on's such as inside kitchen cupboards, fridge/freezer, window tracks , blinds etc will only be available if you book more than 6 hours. These are part of a deep clean. 

  • 2-3 hours may allow us enough time to complete a bathroom or kitchen, or it may cover your whole property to complete a general clean to include dusting, cleaning surfaces and flooring. The amount of cleaning completed will depend on the condition of your property, room sizes , when your property was last professionally cleaned, pets and how many people live within the property.

  • For an accurate quote, we would need to view the property either in person or by receiving a video walkthrough of the property or images of all rooms requiring cleaning, showing close ups and a fair description of the condition of your property. If we are unable to view the property, we may estimate our timings on worst case scenario or let you decide if a general or deep clean is best for your property. 


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